Company Introduction

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As a professional manufacturer of pipe joints, we have established a comprehensive management system covering the whole process from casting to marketing, aspiring to open up the future of the joint technology.

SK-Kawanishi Office

Company Introduction
Address Ayauta-gun, Ayagawa-cho, Kagawa-ken 7188-1
Capital JPY 98 million
Date of incorporation July 2nd, 1952
Executives Chairman Hidehito Kawanishi
President Akihiro Kawanishi
Business Philosophy
Mission Contribute to the "harmony and development" of the society by creating value-added products.
Vision Open up the future of joint technology

Since its establishment in 1952, the company has insisted on manufacturing their own products.
SK-Kawanishi then becomes specialized in joints production and has established their own original brand.
In order to ensure the properly delivery of water, appropriateness of the pipelines and user-friendliness for workers are our prime considerations.
It is our mission and pride to materialize on the technology for properly delivering the water bestowed on us by heaven without even a drop of wastage.


Company Name 株式会社 川西水道機器
Inspection and Registration Agency(R.B) LRQA
(Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited)
R.B Registration No. YKA0200389
Specification ISO 9001:2015,JIS Q 9001:2015
Certification Scheme/Code UKAS(U.K.)
Venue to be Inspected Corporate office and production plant:
7188-1 Sue, Ayagawa-cho, Ayauta-gun, Kagawa-ken
Kyushu Sales Office, Kanto Sales Office, Chubu Sales Office, Tohoku Sales Office, Hokkaido Sales Office,
Quality System Design, development and manufacture, sales and warehousing of pipe joints and pipe parts